I actually enjoy an eventful comments thread as long as the commenters are interesting and entertaining. If you have any criticisms of my writing and/or work, feel free to let me have it – I can even take a little bit of viciousness here and there as long as there’s substance and humor behind it. Just don’t put me to sleep.

While this blog will definitely feature my thoughts and observations on the international film/television industry, I don’t want to limit myself. My intention is to fashion this place into a big tent; all kinds of gracious and fascinating people from all sorts of experiences are welcome here.

With that said, here’s a shortlist of what needs to be avoided:

1. Pointless derails. If you’re a troll that enjoys going off-topic from the subject of the post, at least make your tangents somewhat interesting. If you’re boring me, I’ll just delete your comments.

2. If you’re going to tone police or smear me in any way, don’t even think about it.

3. Please don’t comment so often that it appears as if you’re having a totally self-absorbed conversation with yourself. Give the other commenters some space to breathe.

4. White supremacists and their sympathizers are not welcome here. You’ll be instantly banned.

Those are the current guidelines. Now, let the fun begin!